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Shikhari Devi temple is situated at a distance of approx.

18kms from the village Janjehli. The road to reach the temple from Janjehli is easily approachable via taxis and jeeps. The route across Janjehli valley offers an awesome forest view. The Shikhari Devi Temple is located at an altitude of about 3360 meters. Shikhari Devi Temple in Janjehli Valley proposes really raw and beautiful surroundings. This temple is situated on the highest peak of the district Mandi. That is why this peak is also called as “Crown of Mandi”. This location offers a scene which will prove as a treat to your eyes. The surroundings near the temple are gifted with snowfall in the winter season, thus it attracts many tourists and explorers. Widely spread meadows, eye-catching sunset and sunrise view with snow at the peaks shining like a bright diamond appears to be alluring. Shikhari Devi Temple is almost 21kms away from Karsog and easily approachable from there. Shikhari Devi Temple is considered to be located by Pandavas and it is a temple without any shelter. Though having no shelter doesn’t affect the temple in any ways, it is a known fact that zero amount of snow is found in the temple during the time of winters even when the surroundings be fully covered up with snow. Shikhari Devi Temple in Jnajehli valley is devoted to the Goddess of hunters. The tourists who love to trek, can trek to Kasorg, Janjehli and Chindi from Shikhari, yet the routes of trekking to each place is different.

Stops that will be included while going from Mandi to Shikhari via Taxi: 

Mandi -> Dadaur -> Chailchowk -> Thunag -> Janjehli -> Shikar